What Does The Rubber Band Ball Do?

Perhaps this isn't so surprising, considering all the odd things Zack has done in his life. Paint Brush Wiper - Stretch a rubber band around an open paint can from top to bottom so it crosses over the opening just above the paint. Wipe the excess paint off on the rubber band instead of getting the side of the can all messy. Bend the leather, beat on it with a rubber mallet, apply shaving cream all over the glove, put a ball in it and wrap a rubber band around the whole glove. Then place all the wedges back together and wrap a clean rubber band around them so the apple looks whole again. Cure an Overbite - When stretched between opposite ends of the upper and lower jaw over a period of time, the force of a rubber band can correct a minor overbite. In fact, the record for the world's largest rubber band how to make a rubber band ball with just rubber bands ball is held by Joel Waul.

Wearing safety goggles (apparently snapped bands have left him with the occasional eye injury) Zack stretches out the band to make it more pliable before snapping it on; he has to make sure that the latest addition to the ball is not twisted and that two bands of the same color are never parallel around the ball. Despite his expertise you'll be surprised to learn that Zack's ball isn't a record-breaker. In fact, the record for the world's largest rubber band ball is held by Joel Waul.

Start with the smallest bands first, since they won't be useful once your ball passes a certain size. Once you have a basketball-sized rubber band ball, it will probably sit there in the corner of your room, getting greyer and more frayed. If you're having trouble making a rubber band core, start with several short rubber bands instead. Wad them into a ball and pinch them together as you wrap thinner rubber bands around them. When the ball gets to large to fit your rubber bands around, cut two bands in half, tie the ends together, and tie that around the ball. Heat and UV light can speed this up, so keep the ball away from warm areas and sunlight.

Now we have a rubber band ball, not to use but as a challenge to grow the ball as big as possible. The rubber bands are no longer stored on every surface 'just in case' but wrapped around this ball. Zack Hample has devoted his life - all but three years of it - creating a giant elastic band ball that now dwarfs everything around it. Joel Waul is the owner of that particular honour - his rubber band ball is seven feet tall, weighs a frankly ridiculous 4,000 kilograms and is made up of over 700,000 bands. Thanks to Jacques, who tried the same thing with a beach ball with much less impressive results. I never thought rubber bands could be so fact that he's sawing it in silence makes it even creepier.

Leaving the rubber ball made from the dandelion latex for about a month will begin the curing process and will change it from white to a transparent brownish colour. These aren't just fun experiments to do - in 2008, Ohio State University's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center and the Ohio BioProducts Innovation Center received a grant of around $3 million to study methods to make rubber from the roots of a Russian dandelion, Taraxacum kok-saghyz. Edit to review: After using the rubber bands for 9 months, the bands keep snapping and breaking How To Make A Rubber Band Ball EASY on my fingers. So I think this big ball of bands is only good for someone who plans to use them all within 6 months.

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